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Shanghai Wanyu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the sale of medical equipment, focusing on the marketing of operating room equipment, including operating lights, operating tables, and medical pendants. The whole line of products are sold all over the world, and we have exclusive agency partners in many countries in Europe and America.

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    Founded in 2004
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    16 years experience
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    More than 60 products
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  • LEDD500/700 Ceiling LED Double Head Hospital Medical Light with CE Certificates

    LEDD500/700 Ceiling LE...

    Introduction LEDD500/700 refers to double dome LED hospital medical light. The hospital medical light housing is made of aluminum alloy with a thick aluminum plate inside, which is very helpful for heat dissipation. The bulb is an OSRAM bulb, yellow and white. The LCD touch screen can adjust the illuminance, color temperature and CRI, all of which are adjustable in ten levels. The rotating arm adopts a lightweight aluminum arm for accurate positioning. There are three options for spring arms,...

  • LEDD620620 Ceiling LED Dual  Dome Medical Operating Light with Wall Control

    LEDD620620 Ceiling LED...

    Introduction LEDD620/620 refers to double domes ceiling mounted medical operating light. New product, which has been upgraded on the basis of the original product. Aluminum alloy shell, upgraded internal structure, better heat dissipation effect. 7 lamp modules, a total of 72 bulbs, two colors of yellow and white, high-quality OSRAM bulbs, color temperature 3500-5000K adjustable, CRI higher than 90, illuminance can reach 150,000 Lux. The operation panel is LCD touch screen, illuminance, color...

  • LEDD730740 Ceiling LED Dual Head Medical Surgical Light with high lightning Intensity

    LEDD730740 Ceiling LED...

    Introduction LEDD730740 refers to double petal type medical surgical light. For operating room with purifying box, the petal type can avoid obstructing air flows and reduces considerably the turbulence areas in the laminar air flow. LEDD730740 double medical surgical light provide the max illuminance of 150,000lux and max color temperature of 5000K and max CRI of 95. All the parameters is adjustable in ten levels on LCD touch screen control panel. The handle is made of new materials, resistan...

  • LEDD500/700C+M Ceiling LED Double Dome Operating Room Light with Video-Camera

    LEDD500/700C+M Ceiling...

    Introduction LEDD500700C+M refers to double dome LED operating room light. Built-in camera system and external hanging monitor can be used for training purpose. It enables monitoring and recording operations. Apply to ■ abdominal/ general surgery ■ gynaecology ■ heart/ vascular/ thoracic surgery ■ neurosurgery ■ orthopaedics ■ traumatology / emergency OR ■ urology / TURP ■ ent/ Ophthalmology ■ endoscopy Angiography Feature 1. Camera System Built-in camera, no need to hang it with another set ...


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  • Our products enter major hospitals at home and abroad

    Surgical shadowless lamp, an indispensable medical lighting equipment in surgical operation. With the continuous development of medical technology, the performance indicators of surgical shadowless lamps are constantly improving to meet the increasing requirements of doc...

  • How to maintain the surgical shadowless lamp

    Surgical shadowless lamps are one of the most frequently used instruments in the operating room. Usually, we need to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of the surgical shadowless lamp in order to better assist in the completion of the operation. So, do you know ...