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Power driven operation theatre table
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Electrical Gynecological Operating Table

Length:                                         1880mm
Width: 600mm
Tabletop Lowest Height: 680mm
Tabletop Highest Height: 940mm
Product Details

1. Gynecological operating table, fully suitable for all kinds of gynecological examinations, required for surgery, and can be used as a male urology

2. The bed surface adopts streamline design and ergonomics. The mattress adopts the latest seamless foaming technology and is molded once.

3. The outer casing and other parts are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant, easy to clean and disinfect.

4. The uniquely designed 600mm wide bed surface is suitable for people of different sizes.

5. The unique operating table fixed foot, which increases the contact area with the ground and ensures the stability of the operating table.


Tabletop Trendelenburg


≥ 8°

Reverse Trendelenburg

≥ 20°

Seat Plate


≥ 45°


≥ 10°



Standard Accessories

Arm Support

1 pair


1 pair

Leg Plate

1 piece


1 pair


1 set

Waste Basin

1 piece

Foot Switch

1 piece

Hand Remote

1 piece

Optional: Battery

Product Details

Double Control

Waste basin with filter

A detachable leg plate is also added to allow the patient to reduce the pain after surgery.

Gynecological examination lamp